Thank you for your interest in hosting a Charity Ride at Spin Society. Below is all the information needed to ensure your event is a smooth success!


Charity Rides are booked outside of our regular schedule. Typically, the most popular time to host this ride is at 1:00pm on Saturdays or Sundays. The cost of a Charity Ride is $300 + applicable taxes, with riders generally asked to give a minimum cash donation of $25. To make the effort worthwhile for both the organizer and the studio.


Cash donations will be collected from each rider during the check-In process on the day of the ride. NO OTHER FORM OF PAYMENT FOR DONATIONS WILL BE ALLOWED. Payment to Spin Society for the Charity Ride can be paid out from the donations collected OR the Organizer can choose to pay in full using any method of payment at the desk.


This ride can be scheduled as “Private” or “Open to The Public” in our system. IThe ride is programmed as “Free” so that anyone can join without paying for a ride credit, however everyone must have an account to ride. If the Charity Ride is set to “Private”, all guests must create an account if they do not have one already so that our Studio Manager can add them to the Private Ride..


Public or Private Ride?