NUTRITIONIST IN THE HOUSE! Top 5 Ways To Fuel Your Ride Like a Boss

You want to wake up flawless, start the day, flawless. You want to run the world. Heck, you just want to be Beyonce. I get it. While we can’t all be Queen Bey you can fuel our workout so you can sweat out your blowout like a boss and have energy for everything else in your day.
I love leading the pack for early morning classes and I’m often asked how I can have so much energy that early in the day. Music and knowing I’m about to walk into a community of inspirational riders gets me going but I also consider proper feeling my secret to saying “I woke up like this” on the daily. Today I’ll be sharing a morning in the life of how I fuel my Detox Sunday ride.


Every morning I do that same thing. I wake up, get dressed and start my day with a glass of warm water & lemon (I use the juice of half a lemon). The sourness of lemons can activate the digestive system and wake up the liver. Then I get dressed, grab my Spotify loaded iPhone and take my dog, Gracie out for a walk. We walk and I get pumped up for class with jams from that day’s playlist.

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On Sundays I have time to eat before I hit class so I had something light – berries and nuts (I love walnuts & Brazil nuts) with Vega Chlorella and lemon water 1-2 hours before.


unnamed (6)20 min before class I’ll have Vega Sugar-Free Energizer for mental focus and clarity; to get me in the zone for class. I also grab my during and post-class fuel.

If I don’t have time to eat I’ll grab Vega Pre-Workout Energizer instead because in addition to the mental focus and clarity it offers it also provides functional sugars to fuel my class.


I arrive at Spin Society, say hi to Negar and Dominik (the owners of Spin Society who also happen to be the kindest people ever), then hit the water fountain before class. I add Vega Electrolyte Hydrator to my bottle have a few sips then head into the studio to get ready for class. I sweat – a lot – in class so need to replenish not only fluids but all of the electrolytes (sodium, potassium, etc) I lost in all that sweat. I mean it – we’re sweating out our blowouts like a boss in class!


Class is over and it’s time to refuel. Choosing the right foods post workout can help you improve your performance by helping accelerate recovery. Ideally you want a 3:1 carb:protein ratio post workout to replenish energy and aid in recovery of muscles. I’ll either have Vega Recovery Accelerator or I’ll grab a press-pressed juice from my fave Krocodile Pear and have a handful of nuts. Today I grabbed a juice and an almond milk latte from JJ Bean with my friend and rockstar rider, Rachel.


unnamed (7)Lunch time! Now’s time I reach for a higher protein meal. Around this time when when my body is craving a higher protein meal to help build and repair muscles. Today I had a green salad topped with hemp seeds and bee pollen and a hard-boiled egg (from my co-worker’s chickens) with Gracie.

Lots and lots of water throughout the morning wraps up my Sunday routine.

How do you wake up flawless and fuel your ride? Let us know!