“How we do one thing, is how we do everything.”

The first time I heard this quote I was during one of Lucy’s rides, I had just started spinning at Spin Society and was busy falling in love with our community and in that moment, I was all the way in. Those words resonated deeply with me but at the same time I wondered how she could come up with such motivational words while riding at full speed let alone say anything at all but now, as I coach alongside Lucy, I know the truth: it’s not easy.

We practice, we cross train, we take each other’s rides for inspiration and we give each other feedback every time we do. Coaching is our job and all of us are deeply devoted to what we do and all that training and commitment, combined with time and experience, does allow for some ease in class but trust, there are days when nothing comes easy.

When the mic cord snags on our bike seat or, even worse, on the handlebars of bike 12 as we run past and our entire body flies backwards to a halt. When we try to take our shirt off whilst on the bike and our hat and mic go flying into the darkness. When the right pedal literally comes off the bike as we are running in the saddle. When we kick over the candles and nearly set the place ablaze. When our bra strap breaks in the middle of the second song and we must hold it in place for the rest of the ride. Or, the mother of all moments, when we go to change the music and our sweat drips onto the “next’ button forcing the music to skip through Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac and Mariah before we finally get control of it.

Then there are the days when our baby has kept us up all night and we are exhausted. When tragedy has struck in our personal lives. When our relationship feels like it’s falling apart. When we get fired from our other job.

Those are the days when it’s not easy. And those are the days we have a choice to make, do we let that embarrassing moment ruin the ride for us and everyone else or do we take a deep breath and smile secretly at ourselves / laugh out loud / ask you to laugh with us? Do we let whatever is going on outside of the studio negatively affect our class? Shawn suggests we try to handle it all with the poise and grace of a wild gazelle but to be honest, I feel more like a water buffalo on those days.

On our best days, we remember that how we do one thing, is how we do everything and we lean in to the embarrassment, hilarity and discomfort of whatever is going on because we know that these moments are not the moments that make the difference to our riders. The moments that make the difference to our riders are when we are engaged, focused and committed to giving you the best experience possible. All this to say, sometimes when you see us on the podium, we’ve had a crazy ass day but with a little grace and a lot of levity we achieve what we set out to – give you the best ride possible.

What about you? Do you strive to laugh in the moments that we can’t control? Do you leave it all behind when you walk into the studio? If you work to focus on your ride, the beat and sweating you worries away, I promise you will be glad that you did.