[ Flashing back to this photo: taken at the beginning of 2017 ]

[ Flashing back to this photo: taken at the beginning of 2017 ]⠀
It was that time of the year to sit in one of my favourite places and reflect on the past in order to dream up what I wanted my future year to look like. ⠀

I find myself today on October 15, 2018 doing exactly the same thing. I pose the question to you – why must we wait for a date such as “January 1” to have a mental check-in? In the same way we judge a book by its cover, we use the name of the date “January 1” as an excuse to motivate ourselves to set those dreams & goals we long to achieve.⠀⠀

Today on this very random day, I challenge you to live like it’s January 1st, dream like it’s January 1st, and get out there to make your dreams a reality – because the truth is, every time that clock strikes midnight, it’s that same fresh start we seem to wait 365 days for.⠀⠀

Take advantage of these fresh starts we get – every. single. day.

Let’s take a moment to ask ourselves why we wait to make these big changes, why we wait to commit to the goals we know we should commit to, and ultimately why we finally decide to take the leap on January 1st?

While brainstorming I came up with a few…

  • Expectations?
  • Pressure to follow what everyone else is doing?
  • Fear of failure?
  • Feeling of belonging?
  • Lack of confidence?
  • Right now, as you read this – something is popping into your mind… Is it one or all of the above?
    These are all my reasons. Find yours.
    What stops you? What pushes you?

    Statistics show that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by the end of February. So while we wait to even set these goals, 80% of us don’t even keep them. The only reasons that will truly motivate you and KEEP you on track are external factors such as society or pressure of trends – but internal factors. It’ will be the core values you hold for yourself that keep you striving to work towards those goals. We don’t call them goals because they are easily attainable. We call them goals because we work really freaking hard towards them.

    In life, the moments that stay with you and the moments that enrich your life will come along side that hard work and struggle. But bottom line is that it will be worth it.

    So – here we go, are you ready? Yes, you are.