“Take the stairs 2 at a time…because when you can’t, you’ll wish you could.”

For more than half of his life, Alex lived on the stage as a professional musician. Playing guitar, piano, and—his personal favourite—drums, his career as part of a successful indie band toured him all over North America and Europe. Needless to say, Alex THRIVES on rhythm and the energy of a rowdy room.

A few years ago, Alex was given the gift of meeting a trainer that nurtured his passion for fitness, and that feeling set him on the career path of doing the same for as many people as he can. He firmly believes in the immense strength we gain from finding the fun in exercise and not taking ourselves too seriously while we do it.

Although his music taste is eclectic and he comes from an indie background, expect to hear plenty of remixes of Top 40 pop and hip-hop with a few big beat-drops while Alex helps you push yourself past your insecurities, past your limits, and finally, into your best badass self.

“Nobody is here to judge; we’re all in this to push ourselves. Let’s find that little voice that says you ‘can’t’ do it, and let’s prove that voice wrong—because you CAN.”