“Great things never came from comfort zones”.
Born and raised on the West Coast, good vibes have been engrained in Beth from a young age. Looking back 2 years ago, she never would’ve thought that she’d be teaching spin (hello awkward / uncoordinated), but she is a testament to what hard work, dedication and resiliency can do for an individual. Instead of just letting her goals and dreams stand on the sideline, Beth pushed herself out of her own comfort zone, and is now able to inspire others the way she was inspired by the entire team at Spin Society.

Off the bike, Beth is a rockstar sales recruiter, world traveler, wine lover, and seafood fanatic! Ask her about living in the South of France or where to find the best fish tacos in Vancouver!

On the bike, Beth’s heavy beats, dance music, and indie vibes will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on the day! Come in ready to sweat, laugh, and push yourself past that comfort zone.

“Let’s sweat now, so we can shine later.” – Beth