“Friends are the family you choose.”

Brent’s passion for health and fitness originated with his own personal journey to escape an unhealthy lifestyle. For 26 years Brent struggled with weight issues, poor eating habits, and low self-esteem – he knows first-hand that the struggle is, in fact, real. It was through a fitness-based lifestyle that Brent discovered his true potential for a life of limitless possibilities.

Today, Brent is an active leader in the Vancouver fitness community. You can find him rocking the podium at Spin Society, weightlifting at Equinox and pushing people to become the best versions of themselves at Move Society and his RYU based Boot Camps. When not working up a sweat, Brent conquers the boardroom as a learning and development specialist for a global travel company. Brent lives by a motto: live your life unapologetically, be true to yourself, be committed to your craft, and succeed in your own right.