“Life is simple. Your passion is your power – Your power to turn your dreams into a reality.”

Don’t be fooled by this little ones’ sweet and smiley vibes off the bike… once the lights go out and the music comes on – IT IS ON. Anyone who knows Emily, knows that she doesn’t accept anything but 110% effort. Expect to get a tough workout while having a dance party you wish would never end. Music = Life. Faves include EDM beats, dance mashups, and the occasional hip hop beats (#1 Biggie). She always includes inspirational songs with motivational coaching to push the pace on the toughest climbs, and kick ass in life when you leave the studio. When she’s not on the bike (which isn’t very often), you can find her at UBC studying Kinesiology, running some sweaty bootcamps, practicing yoga, or chilling at the beach.

Top three goals? Lots of smiles + healthy on inside and out + aspiring to inspire.