by Meagan Albrechtson

Anyone who has ever been fortunate enough to partake in one of Shawn Ayers’ spin classes will know that the energy he brings to the room is infectious to say the least. I’ve thrown my unfit self into a few, and although my coordination is that of a three-year old, I felt great (albeit very sweaty) afterwards. With his encouraging words and contagious spirit, he commands the room, while allowing the riders to escape to with his supercharged, electro-house meets Beyoncé-heavy playlists.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Shawn has become a leader in the fitness community and is on a mission to inspire change. When he’s not coaching as senior instructor at Spin Society, he jumps on every opportunity to soak in the West Coast’s reputable outdoor lifestyle. I recently asked Shawn how he disciplines himself, what rituals he’s acquired and how he manages to bring so much vigour and good vibes to each and every class.

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Much Love,
Spin Society