NUTRITIONIST IN THE HOUSE! Top 5 Ways to Stay Hydrated On and Off the Bike

Drink water. We’ve heard it before. If you’ve been in class with me I’m sure you’ve heard me say it more than once. Hydration involves more than just water though so today I’m sharing my top five ways to stay hydrated on and off the bike.

Come to Class Hydrated

Don’t wait until you get into class to drink water. Be sure to drink water before your ride. You’re going to sweat. A. Lot. Which can lead to dehydration .When you’re hydrated your blood flows easily, like maple syrup, throughout your body. When you’re dehydrated your blood becomes thicker, like molasses, which is more work for your heart to pump through your body. That work energy. Energy you could be using to fuel your ride. Come hydrated to work it to your fullest on the bike.

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Sip Throughout Your Ride

Trust me on this one – sip rather than down your water during your ride. We’re up and out of that saddle more than you think and nothing will slow you down faster than a belly full of water. Take small sips throughout class and focus your main hydration before and after class.

Replenish Electrolytes Post-Ride

unnamed (3)You lose more than just fluid when you sweat. Have you ever licked your lips after class or felt the sting of sweat in your eyes? That’s sodium, one of the electrolytes important for maintaining fluid balance in your body. You need these minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc) to be hydrated. I like to replenish electrolytes with my friend Sarah’s Green Tea Chlorella Lemonade with a scoop of Vega Electrolyte Hydrator. I also like to add cucumber & pineapple that I enjoy after for added hydration!

Drink Enough for You

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Everyone’s fluid needs will vary depending on your age, activity level and even the weather. Standard fare suggests 2L a day but you can lose 1L of sweat in one hour of vigorous exercise (hellllooo spin class) so 2L may or may not be enough. You’ll know your dehydrated when you feel thirsty so set a goal to not let yourself get to that point every day for a week and see how it goes. If that’s too much to ask then just focus on having a glass of water as soon as you feel thirty. Try mixing up your water routine by flavouring your water, naturally. I love to flavor my water with everything from berries to citrus fruits to cucumber and mint. Try freezing these foods in ice cube trays for ready-made flavored ice.

Eat to Hydrate

Include water-rich foods into your diet including cucumber, melons, pineapple and leafy greens to up your vitamin and mineral game and stay hydrated. I hydrate and fuel post-class with a fresh-pressed juice, a green salad or a green packed smoothie.

How do you stay hydrated? Let us know!