Spin Society Instructors Favorite Spice

Our Rockstar Instructors know that if you want to be your best on the bike you need to fuel right off the bike. That’s why they love the anti-inflammatory benefits and the spicy taste of turmeric — the powdered gold powerhouse for post-spin fuel. Check out how they spice things up with turmeric here.

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Bridgette Likes It Hot

My new fave post spin recovery drink is warm turmeric milk.


Mix up turmeric, honey and black pepper with warm almond milk & cinnamon and you’re good to go.

Shannon Chills Out

I’ve been learning a lot lately about anti-inflammatory foods to help with muscle recovery. The past 2 weeks has been painful with an extremely tight glute so here I am trying out a tasty drink that will be my “go to” every day it’s that good!!


Tumeric, black pepper, honey, fresh lemon juice and hot water.

Lucy Doubles Up

Here she is double fisting two of her faves from Krocodile Pear. Westwood & Epenticton.


Check out the Penticton at Krocodile Pear.