Step one is to create an account using the SIGN IN | UP menu item. Next you can select the BUY RIDES option to choose your location and view all ride package options.

Our ride packages are separated by studio location and packages are non-transferable between locations. Please purchase ride packages from the studio you will be attending.

No matter your level of experience, we’ve got your back. Our crew is bound by the love of music and shared energy. We lead with “yes” and make you believe anything is possible. Arrive 10 minutes early and we’ll help you get set up, clipped in and ready to get your sweat on with a full-body workout. Be on time! Once we close that studio door, this signals the start of the ride and we unfortunately do not allow late entry.


Spin Society is a full-service studio that offers a full body workout; cardio, choreography and strength with small hand weights. Every ride will get your whole body working.

Need to hydrate? We’ve got your water.

Snacks. Kidding, we don’t have snacks, but you should. We recommend eating 1-2h before your ride.

Arrive at least 10 minutes early. Unclaimed bikes given away 5 minutes before each ride begins.

Shoes with SPD cleats provided, on the house.

Keep it safe with complimentary secured lockers.

Wipe that sweat off during and after your ride. Got plans for after? Shower in our lux facilities; Skoah products included.

Advanced online booking is highly recommended. Drop-ins always welcome (space-permitting).