The SPIN SOCIETY STANDARD OF SAFETY is designed with the ongoing safety of our community in mind. Its purpose is to inform and communicate with transparency the steps that SPIN SOCIETY takes to ensure a safe space at each studio location.

The SPIN SOCIETY STANDARD OF SAFETY is based on the Worksafe BC Communicable Disease Prevention guide. As COVID-19 vaccinations have become widely available to British Columbians, the overall risk of COVID-19 transmission and serious consequences has diminished. Despite this, the virus will still circulate like other communicable diseases.
A “communicable disease” is an illness caused by an infectious agent or its toxic product that can be transmitted in a workplace from one person to another. Examples of communicable disease that may circulate in a workplace include COVID-19 and seasonal influenza.


The viruses that cause COVID-19 and other communicable diseases spread in several ways, including through droplets when a person coughs or sneezes, or from touching a contaminated surface before touching the face. The risk of person-to-person transmission increases the closer you come to other people, the more time you spend near them, and the more people you come near. The risk of surface transmission increases when many people contact the same surface and when those contacts happen over short periods of time.

SPIN SOCIETY, with the help of Studio Managers and Front Desk Employees, have identified places where the risk of transmission is introduced. These are the areas where the risk is elevated:

• Studio lobbies, group fitness studio, instructor team rooms, reception desks, hallways outside the group fitness studios, and change rooms.
Furthermore, these processes require employees to come in proximity with one another or customers:

• Check-in at the reception desk, handing out shoes and towels, accessing cleaning supplies, travelling across hallways through the premises, checking on the group fitness room before and after class to ensure all customers are settled in at their bike.
These are the tools, machinery, and equipment that employees come into contact with during the course of their work:

• Spray bottles, cleaning equipment, cleaning supplies, shoes, towels, stationary bikes, headphones, hand weights, cash drawer, computers.
These are the surfaces being touched often:
• Doorknobs/handles, computer keyboard/mouse, reception desk, storage cabinet pulls, cash drawer, lockers, light switches, bathroom sinks, water fountains, sanitizing wipes dispensers, and washer/dryer doors.


These measures have been implemented to reduce the risk of transmission of communicable diseases in the SPIN SOCIETY premises.

Implementation of Policies to Support Staff:

• SPIN SOCIETY has implemented policies to support staff who have symptoms of a communicable disease (e.g., fever or chills, coughing, diarrhea), so they avoid being at the workplace when sick. There is a clear and easy communication process for finding replacement for work shifts or classes being taught.
• Employees are supported in receiving vaccinations for COVID-19 and other vaccine-preventable conditions by being able to book necessary time off as required.

Cleaning and hygiene:

• Hand hygiene stations and facilities with appropriate supplies will continue to be offered at all studio locations;
• Policies and signage have been installed to remind workers and customers to wash their hands regularly and to cover coughs and sneezes;
• The class schedule allows for sufficient time between sessions to allow for cleaning and resetting the studio to maintain a clean environment;
• Our Studio Managers have created a daily deep cleaning schedule that ensures we take all steps necessary in preventing the spread of communicable diseases at our studios. Top-grade institutional disinfectants are used on all surfaces.
• All high-touch surfaces, bikes and weights are disinfected multiple times daily. We also ask our community to do their part and help us sanitize the bikes and weights using the sanitizing wipes provided after every ride;
• Cycling shoes and headphones are disinfected and rotated, as always;

Maintaining adequate building ventilation:

• The group fitness studios are equipped with HEPA filter ventilation systems that have been engineered for our business occupancy to optimize fresh air intake and exhaust.
• The group fitness studios have been equipped with medical-grade air purification units that use a 6-stage purification process proven to remove almost 100% of Air Pollutants, Viruses, Bacteria and Fungus that are present in indoor air.


New policies will be introduced as advised by Public Health to reduce the risk of transmission of communicable diseases within the SPIN SOCIETY premises:
• Follow all direction from medical health officers and regional health authorities;
• Follow all orders, guidance, recommendations, and notices issued by the provincial health officer that are relevant to our industry, region or workplace.


SPIN SOCIETY CYCLING STUDIO INC. (the “Company”) is committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees, our customers, and members of the public with whom we interact regularly. The purpose of the Vaccination Policy (the “Policy”) is to provide guidelines pertaining to the expectations and requirements of staff and independent contractors with respect to COVID-19 and vaccination.
In our day-to-day studio operations, we have a responsibility to protect all workers and the community in which we operate, and it is for this reason that it is critical that the Company and its staff take any and all precautions to protect against COVID-19.


This Policy applies to all Company employees, contractors, and any other individuals employed or contracted to provide service in any capacity to the Company, collectively the “Staff”.


A. Mandatory Vaccination
It is the policy position of the Company to strongly recommend and encourage all Staff to become vaccinated against COVID-19, as recommended by the Ministry of Health and Provincial Health Officer.
Staff of the Company must provide, in writing, confirmation of their vaccination status (vaccinated/not vaccinated).
Where a vaccine has been made available either in their home community or at the workplace, and where an individual chooses not to be vaccinated, the individual will be required to disclose in writing to the Company the reason for not being vaccinated (e.g., personal choice, religious, medical grounds, etc.). This information will be kept in an employee’s confidential medical information file and is collected for the purpose of minimizing risks to Staff and others who come in contact with Staff in the event of any COVID-19 case.
In the case of an individual who has been offered the vaccine and chosen not to be vaccinated, the Company will review the information and may implement necessary actions up to and including restricting access to the workplace or workplace activities, placing the individual on an unpaid leave of absence, and/or modifying or terminating their contract of employment.
B. Accommodations
Where an individual provides a medical, religious, or other valid reason for having not received a COVID-19 vaccination, the Company will work with the individual to develop and implement an appropriate accommodation.
C. Non-Compliance
Staff failing to follow this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


Information relating to an individual’s proof of vaccination and/or the reason(s) for not receiving a COVID-19 vaccination will remain in their confidential Company file for the purposes of ensuring the safety of the Company’s employees, contractors, and local communities, in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.
The Company will keep a record of the individual’s vaccination status to make it easier for future visits. We will not make or store a copy of the vaccination card. We will retain the vaccination status until the BC Government mandate for the requirement of proof of vaccination is lifted for the business, including as we determine necessary to comply with applicable law or to establish or defend our legal rights.
If an individual does not consent to the storage of this information, written notification must be immediately sent to dominik@spinsociety.ca for next steps.


Please contact the Company with any questions.

COVID-19 Related Information Collected by the Company with Consent
Health Screening: We will collect information about an individual’s potential exposure to COVID-19 through health declarations made by the individual to us or information we receive from provincial health authorities.
Vaccination status: Access to the Company’s studio locations is currently limited to individuals who have received a COVID-19 vaccination. This information is collected when the individual presents vaccine proof upon entering the Company. The Company will keep a record of the vaccination status to make it easier for future visits. We will not make or store a copy of any vaccination cards. We will retain an individual’s vaccination status until the BC Government mandate for the requirement of proof of vaccination is lifted for our type of business, including as we determine necessary to comply with applicable law or to establish or defend our legal rights.
At this time, the Company requires individuals to provide COVID-19 vaccination status as a condition of participation at all of the Company studio locations. However, if someone is uncomfortable with providing any requested information or do not wish to consent to this Notice, we are happy to place memberships on hold by contacting dominik@spinsociety.ca for more information or for questions regarding our policies and procedures.
Contact Tracing: We may collect information provided by an individual, or a public health authority if someone tests positive for COVID-19, including information about how the individual interacted with the Company during the time in which the individual may have been infected with COVID-19.



SPIN SOCIETY, its employees and customers will do everything possible, including following all requirements laid out by the provincial and federal government, to minimize the chances of spreading COVID-19 and other communicable diseases.
• SPIN SOCIETY studio managers have all been briefed on the measures included in this plan. They are knowledgeable about the measures, practices, and policies and incorporate these into supervision practices at the workplace.
• We have a training plan in place to ensure everyone is trained in the SPIN SOCIETY STANDARD OF SAFETY. All employees have received policies for staying home when sick or symptomatic. We have posted signage at all studio locations indicating effective hygiene practices.



If for any reason a customer feels it would be more cautious to miss a booking, please contact SPIN SOCIETY at sctyhq@spinsociety.ca to request a cancellation free of charge. We understand things come up last minute and would prefer to err on the side of caution for the safety of our staff and community. This policy will remove any sense of financial stress coming from being penalized for missing a booking.




SPIN SOCIETY has a plan in place to monitor these risks. We make changes to our policies and procedures as necessary. Things may change as our business operates. If we identify a new area of concern, or if it seems like something isn’t working, we will take steps to update these policies and procedures. Our entire team is involved in this process. Employees are encouraged to raise safety concerns.


Employees will be given additional communicable disease procedural training as they return to work. Studio Managers will ensure all employees acknowledge, and are comfortable with, any new products, procedures and equipment being used to safely conduct our business. All employees will be asked to sign this SPIN SOCIETY STANDARD OF SAFETY document acknowledging they have read and understand the contents.


    If a SPIN SOCIETY Employee or Instructor has tested positive for COVID-19, they must immediately inform their Studio Manager to be replaced on the schedule and quarantine appropriately. SPIN SOCIETY Management will then contact Vancouver Coastal Health immediately for next steps. All Employees and Instructors from that studio location will be contacted and requested to follow the guidelines from Vancouver Coastal Health.

    In cases deemed low risk by Vancouver Coastal Health, we will notify all staff and riders who may have had exposure, communicate any provincial health services protocols.

    In cases deemed moderate to high risk by Vancouver Coastal Health, we will repeat the above action and follow any additional steps deemed necessary by health authorities. These may include a studio closure, additional deep cleaning and/or a message to our entire community via email and social media.

    While we’re taking every precaution to keep our community safe (and encourage you to do the same), we’re acutely aware of, and highly prepared for, the possibility of a second wave.

    By doing your part, you can effectively help us come back from this pandemic. Please be responsible and understand that you are attending rides at SPIN SOCIETY at your own risk. If you are deemed to be high-risk for complications from the virus, or live with someone who is, we would recommend you not return to the studio at this time. By choosing to come back to SPIN SOCIETY, you acknowledge and accept the additional risks associated with COVID-19 regardless of the increased safety and cleaning protocols we are putting in place.